UK & International Virtual Offices

Transform the image & efficiency of your business

An OfficeFront Virtual Office provides a reputable, prestigious office address to impress customers and prospects added to a professional team to answer inbound telephone calls. Its a perfect solution, to a start-up wishing to portray professionalism or a large multinational wishing to have a presence in another city or country.

OfficeFront is a premium, yet economical Virtual Office provider, with a reputation built on serving businesses/professional firms of all sizes. Financial and operational benefits, as already experienced by our large and loyal client base.

What's included in an OfficeFront Virtual Office

  • UK, EU and USA business addresses with mail forwarding.
  • Registered office hosting (as and when required).
  • Personalised call answering in your company name.
  • Call patching with calls announced.
  • Message taking & forwarding.
  • Meeting room hire UK, EU & USA.
  • Various additional business services.

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A Virtual Office is a revolutionary way to operate a business, whether a start-up or already established, where physical office space is actually not providing a benefit to the business. Equally, those companies wishing to have an additional presence in another location, be it a city or country, can benefit.

  • Business Address (with Mail Forwarding) — A quality address is imperative. Clients & suppliers are more comfortable working businesses that seem to be in a professional business environment.
  • Telephone Answering — A personalised number matching the business address location, answered by a small team of trained receptionists further enhances the service level offered to callers.
  • Meeting Room Hire — Meeting clients at the company’s ‘own’ office address completes the experience…

… yet all without the cost of a physical office.

Your office in London, the UK or in the heart of Europe’s busiest cities…

From around 1% of the cost of the physical office space, you can; with a Virtual Office.

With offices in prime locations worldwide* OfficeFrontprovide everything needed to have a business presencewherever desired.

An office address in Edinburgh or a meeting facility inPrague, OfficeFront can make it happen.

What are the features of a Virtual Office?

Our virtual offices feature a comprehensive London and UK based office solution for all business types; businesses and professional firms wishing a low cost telephone and/or mail service.The following virtual office features are available in our packages ;
  • London or other UK Office Address
    • Standard post forwarded to your address on a daily basis
  • London or other UK Telephone Number
  • Call handling (including);
    • Calls answered in your company name by your own team of 3 receptionists
    • Calls announced before connecting and messages relayed by email and/or SMS as desired
    • Call forwarding to your landline and/or mobile phone
    • Message taking service for those who do not wish to have calls connected
    • Out of hours personalised voicemail service with 24-hour remote access

You can take only a telephone answering service or a business address only, if you wish. In addition, we also offer as part of our virtual office features;

  • Fax to Email Automated Service
    • We provide you with a fax number and your faxes arrive as an attachment in your email inbox
  • Registered office hosting
  • Post opening, scanning and emailing to you as soon as received by us
    • Useful for those wishing to receive their post on the same day as received by us.
  • Local, Non-geographic, out-of-area and International telephone numbers
  • Low cost Local, National, International & Mobile call charges
  • Complete office setup
    • Fit-out, furnishing, telephone systems, IT solutions, websites and other set-up activities

What are the differences between an Accommodation Address and a Virtual Office?

Technical terminology may be misused or misunderstood, sometimes intentionally to confuse and sometimes due to inexperience in the subject. The difference between a simple mailing address offered by a number of service providers and one offered by a professional Virtual Office is enormous and with some pretty serious consequences.The mail address service provider makes the deal sound super interesting by offering to do the job for almost nothing.
We have hear of some offering to provide a service for as little as £12 per year. Wow, that is a good deal, a whole POUND per month! Now what else can one get for a £1 let alone per month? The answer is virtually nothing. Yet, these companies are offering services for very little money.There is an old saying “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys”, actually I don’t think even a monkey will work just for peanuts.Ask yourself, if I pay a low X for the service, can they employ someone to pick up my letter, read it, deal with it in such a way that I will receive it? The answer is probably NO! Yet, you are tempted because it is cheap and all that is on your mind is save, save & save. But at what cost to you and your business?!
To be able to tempt you with the cheap below reasonable cheap price, something has to give. The following are some of those “gives”
– Letters received and dumped into a sack and not dealt with for a few days, weeks or a month.

– When dealt with, the envelope is taken, the address is struck through with a marker and your destination address is then scribbled onto it and then it is dumped back in the post box, hoping that the PO will be kind enough to redeliver.

– The letter is just thrown away and when you ask if it was received, the answer is “Oh, so sorry, we never received it, damned Post Office, they are useless and lost it”. Actually, the PO lose very few letters.

– A visitor arrives at the address looking for you. The place they have come to is a back room of a basement garage or the back room of some dingy office. A great presence for your company!!! Oh, yes, you said that you don’t really expect anyone to come, nor do you expect much post. If only 2 clients or suppliers per year do come, how much business may you lose?

– The visitor asks after you, the service provider has no real systems with which to know much about you, so they say “Oh, they just get their post sent here”. Great for business confidence. The client goes elsewhere

– Anyone Googling your address will immediately see the poor quality of “your” business premises. Not very comforting when looking for a supplier or client.

– Registering with HMRC, Banks etc is very difficult as they have a look at where you are operating from. The accommodation addresses are known and not looked upon favourably.

Whereas a professional Virtual Office provider “gives”

– Receives your post daily and immediately deals with each letter

– All envelopes received for you are collated and placed in a new envelope, properly addressed and with a suitable 1st class stamp. Your chances of receiving them the next day is almost guaranteed

– Visitors to “your” business address are received by a polite, trained receptionist, with information systems to be able to confirm that this is indeed your business address.

The visitor is asked “Sorry, he/she is out, did you have an appointment?, “No?, sorry I will let him/her know that you called” and a message is emailed or texted to you advising of the visit. A professional presence for your business, even if only 2 times per year.

– Anyone Googling “your” address will see a quality office building portraying a feel of doing business with people of a certain standard.

– Registering with HMRC, Banks etc is easier as these organisations all recognise the quality service providers as they know that only those who have passed strict ID checks etc will be accepted as clients.

So, the question is what do you and your business wish to portray to the world?

An actual example of how the difference can make the difference.

An enquiry was received for a mail service. We quoted for our service at one of our prestige centres. The caller was quite dismissive that we were out of our minds and that he could get the whole year for what we quoted per month. We tried to explain the difference, yet he was almost rude in his explanation that all he needs is an address and that the price difference was verging on ridiculous.

So we didn’t get his business.

Two months later, we received an order from the same person via our website. As the person had a fairly unique name, the sales team recognised him as the man who had been so adamant that we were wrong. The order was not processed and after two days the man called asking why he hadn’t heard from us. We explained that we thought it was a joke and had not done anything more.

He had forgotten that it was us he had derided before and progressed to tell us that he was leaving another service provider because that service provider had not carried out their duties properly and had caused him to be declined for VAT registration and lost a potential supplier at the same time.

We didn’t want to upset him further by saying “Well, we told you so” so we didn’t mention that he had called us before.

What are the differences between Virtual & Serviced Offices?

There are many differences between Virtual Offices, Serviced Offices, and working from home. See our table below to see the differences in cost, time and convenience.
Serviced Office Virtual office Home
Office Space Expense No Expense Cheap
Telephone answer Poor Professional If you are there
Faxes Wait by desk Arrives on your mobile Sit by desk
Mail address Yes Yes Dangerous
TOTAL Expensive, tied to desk with poor communication. Mobile, looking good, productive & quids in! Cheap, looks poor and dangerous.

The advantages of a Virtual Office over a Serviced Office

So, the question is… work from Home, a Serviced Office or a Virtual Office?

The Home Office can be very pleasant, pop out of bed and start working. In principle this sounds easy and very cheap to run. The serious downsides are that you are constantly at work, your clients and suppliers perception of you is that of a small home business. Cold callers may arrive and disturb your family life. Overall, what seemed like an efficient and cost saving idea turns into a headache.

A Serviced Office gives you one location with a few services. It is a little bit like a multi-vitamin; many vitamins but not enough of any one to be really of use. Yet very costly.

The Virtual Office can give you all of the office services and every element of the service that you take is a full component, not a cut down version. Ask yourself if you need to be sitting in an expensive office or would you be better off going out to see your clients or suppliers. Is it worth paying hundreds or even thousands for unproductive floor space? Save about 90% off a serviced office by getting a Virtual Office service. Did you know that most commercial managers in the large banks don’t have an office? They work from home or are visiting clients.

What are the benefits of a London Office Address?

A quality London address enhances the general look of your company and can assist with the quality of business offered to you. As the most populated part of the UK with the largest spending power, being perceived to be in London comes with great benefits. For foreign companies wishing to have a London presence costing tens of thousands by having their own premises and staff, a quality Virtual Office can make an enormous saving in both financial and management terms.Of course, if you are already using a London address and wish to have an address in another part of the UK, please ask for one of our regional addresses.

How does Mobile Working work with a Virtual Office?

So you are a successful team. You are all on the road, visiting clients, fixing things, generating business. Fantastic, you are in a business that does not require tons of paper.In simple terms, you are efficient. So why spoil it by tying a noose around your necks by taking on an office. With someone to sit in it and another to manage it.The cost in management time and upkeep is colossal. Unless a manager is hired specifically for the job, one of the efficient team members has to become less efficient in carrying out their duties to run the office. In fact, you have taken a step backwards.The Virtual Office service will act as the office, with a central telephone number and a business address. Calls received are answered by a trained receptionist and then patched to each member of your team. Post received at our reception can then be forwarded to each team member’s home as required. Time critical post can even be opened, scanned and emailed on the same day to eliminate even the slightest delay. Thousands of pounds saved.

How can a Virtual Office help me start my business?

Working from home can be very pleasant. Many businesses or professions don’t need offices and very few clients actually visit. They prefer you to visit them or you may be in a business where you need to go on site, etc.The client likes to know that they are cared for and are dealing with a company rather than a sole operator. Speaking to a voicemail box screams out “small business and not too bothered about service quality.” People want the warm feeling of a pleasant voice letting them know where they stand. They don’t want to hear “sorry, I’m out, I’ll call when I am in”. When will you be in? One hour, one day, a week?Working from home is great, however do you want every Tom, Dick and Harry to know your home details. Do you want cold calling sales people or an unjustifiably irate client knocking on your door and having your young child deal with the situation?
From Day 1, you are a corporation or a professional firm. Looks and sounds matter!

Why should I choose OfficeFront?

OfficeFront was established purely as a Virtual Office service and has not evolved as a side-line to a serviced office centre to take up excess reception capacity. We saw the value of the Virtual Office and Virtual Switchboard very early on as technology became better and cheaper. All we had to add to it was good old fashioned training and culture development.The focus was and is to create a totally service focused environment, replicating the professional switchboard operator rather than a transient staff filling time whilst seeking other work or career choice.

Work where you want, we’ll do the rest