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Telephone Answering

Whether you’re a freelance, an SME or a large business enterprise looking to outsource to a virtual switchboard, we have a telephone answering service for you.

A telephone answering service, is having your business calls diverted to external premises (in this case, it would be one of our offices).

The call is be picked up, in your company name, by a member of your dedicated virtual receptionist team (dedicated meaning, the same team each time and NOT like a call centre).

Then it is either forwarded to the staff member called at your offices or on their mobiles.If the person is busy or unavailable, a message is taken and relayed immediately by email and/or SMS.

So, the caller gets an “on site” feel to the call answering and you, our client, have an additional team in the background making sure no call is missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase efficiency with a Virtual Switchboard / Telephone Answering Service?

Switchboard staff are critical to any professional business, they field calls and ensure that the first point of contact between the caller and the called is efficient, polite and gives a good impression.

However, such staff come with a high cost. By using an ‘off-site receptionist’ (virtual switchboard operator), this cost can be dramatically reduced. Our numerous clients are testament to how a Virtual Switchboard service can add to the bottom line of any firms balance sheet.We provide a back-up for your receptionist, so that when they’re meeting and greeting, or away from their desk for whatever reason, you won’t miss out on calls.

Our strategic plan is for you to allow us to manage your inbound calls while you reallocate your current switchboard staff into other, more productive roles. They will still be available for meeting and greeting visiting clients, but the rest of the time they are working towards making you more profitable.Why not get in touch, a quick call to us could change your firm’s telephone call handling efficiency and cost.


What is meant by ‘Personalised UK Call Handling?’

Is your Business looking for ways to have your calls answered whilst maintaining efficiency? You’ve come to the right place.

OfficeFronts’ highly trained virtual receptionist teams (three receptionists per client) answer your inbound calls in your company name, giving each call a personal touch. As OfficeFront are NOT a call centre, at all times the caller will feel that they are speaking with your very own switchboard.

This facility is suited to both small and large companies / professional firms either as a full time switchboard or as a back up to the clients own in house telephone answering facility. For the smaller firms this facilitates being able to attend meetings in the full knowledge that calls to their office are being handled in their absence. For larger corporates / professional firms we provide an effective alternative to sourcing temporary cover or disrupting other staff from carrying out their own duties.

All inbound calls are answered in your company’s name along with a polite greeting. Your calls will be forwarded through to you when you are free and messages taken and forwarded via email or text message when you are busy… just like any normal switchboard.

So why not have the benefits of having three receptionists without the cost and associated management issues, contact us now and find out how our virtual switchboard, inbound call handling can help your business.

What is a Virtual Answering Service?

Our Virtual Answering Service includes a dedicated business number, if required, this number can have any area code from across the country, an 0845/0844, or even an International number.

When called, these numbers will redirect straight through to one of our professional virtual receptionists who will take the call. This call can be forwarded to wherever you are, but our receptionists will always check that you want to take the call before they allow it through. If you’re too busy or just can’t take the call, we will take a message and forward it to you via email or text message, whichever you prefer.Why not get in touch and see how a Virtual Switchboard could set you apart from your competition and increase your profitability in the first month.

What are ‘Virtual Receptionists?’

When you take out a call handling or virtual office service with OfficeFront, a team of three dedicated receptionists are assigned to you who will take calls in your company name and forward those calls on to you or your staff members. If they are not free, the receptionist will take a message and forward it on by whatever means are preferred. These receptionists answer calls and work as if they were sitting in your very own reception, which can give a potential client a completely different image of your business. All calls are also vetted, so that no unsolicited calls are put through.

What are the features of a Virtual Switchboard?

Our Virtual Switchboard services usually consist of the following:

  • Call forwarding to landline, mobile (cell-phones) or international numbers.
  • Messages taken on your behalf and sent to you via email or text message.
  • Out of hours answer phone service with 24 hour dial in access.
  • Local, Non-geographic and international telephone numbers.
  • Call vetting and unsolicited sales call filtering. (We don’t charge for any inbound sales calls).

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