"Off-Site" Switchboard for Larger Businesses & Professional Firms

  • Trained Receptionists
    Even having your own reception, the comfort of knowing that there is a trained team in the background to support them is a great bonus.
  • Constant Availability
    No comfort breaks, meeting/greeting, holidays, HR management, temps and NEVER sick.
  • For the Price of a Coffee
    Your calls are never missed or misdirected. Your callers feel well looked after.
  • Our Client Orientated Receptionists
    Not a call centre setup. Well trained customer specialists at all times a part of YOUR team.
  • Your Support
    The Officefront receptionists are always in the background to capture that all important call that you couldn't get
  • Your Callers' satisfaction
    A properly handled call for c. cost of a good coffee


  • Diary Management
    For clients with online diaries, we can even make appointments.
  • 24/7 Call Handling
    Yes, we can even offer this service as an add on to our normal service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Why would we need an off-site switchboard?

Your OWN receptionists are:

Meeting & Greeting – Already answering calls

On a Break, Sick, Holiday, Transport Delays, Non attendance, HR Issues

Officefront in the background removes any concerns that you may have, as to how your callers are looked after.

02 Off site switchboard-v-Temporary Staff?

Officefront’s service is permanently in the background, the staff are trained in the art of customer call reception.

Most of all, we know your company/firm, your preferred answering and call handling and if you use us often, we know your staff.

A Temp will not know anything, you will have to spend time to train………….NOT TO MENTION THE COST!


03 Why is Officefront better than their competitors?

We never speak ill of our competitors. Like in all businesses, there are good ones and bad ones.

Where we like to think we can offer something special is that we allocate our clients to teams of 3 trained receptionists who then “own” their clients.

Our teams are long term staff, well trained, equipped with good technology and encouraged to give 110% to their clients’ expectations.

We are proud of our service and never arrogant or complacent about it.

    We are REAL & you can find our H.O

    Daws House, 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD
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