What's included in an Officefront Telephone Answering Service?

  • Your own reception team
    Teams of 3 or 4 trained receptionists (Not a call centre) answering your phones in your business name.
  • UK/International telephone numbers
    Matching number to your chosen location. Local numbers for callers outside your area.
  • At all times or just as a backup
    Use as switchboard or as a backup to your own. We dont have lunch, holidays and we are NEVER sick.
  • Freedom to hold, meetings uninterrupted
    Attend meetings, comfortable knowing there is someone efficient fielding your calls.
  • No need to rely on mobiles
    No concern about poor lines or being in a meeting when your clients are calling you and getting voicemail.
  • Human interface
    Instead of ambiguous voicemail, an intelligent, informed human fronting you.


  • Home office
    If you are home based business
    Add one of our superb business addresses. Appearances matter, uninvited visitors jeopardise privacy
  • Meeting rooms
    Our network of prestigious centres are available to you. So much nicer than a coffee shop or your living room.
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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Why use a Telephone Answering Service when I can answer my own calls?

Making a great first impression of your company is critical in the competitive world of business.

A telephone answering service means every single call to your business will be answered, regardless of whether you are in a meeting, out at lunch or off work on holiday. You’ll be allocated a professionally trained team or receptionists who will respond to all calls and ensure that all are redirected or responded to in the right way.

You can even choose to use a telephone answering service as a backup to your existing switchboard so it covers lunch breaks, team days out and annual leave. Best of all, your customers will be able to contact your business on a dedicated UK or International landline number, so they’ll know that yours is a real, professional business.

02 Live Receptionist - v - Impersonal Voicemail!

Providing fantastic customer service starts on the phone.

Your clients don’t want to leave a voicemail or speak to an answering machine. By ensuring that their call is answered by a friendly person who will listen to their request and ensure it’s dealt with in a timely manner, your client will feel that yours is a business that genuinely cares about its customers.

03 Can I go to a meeting/lunch/holiday and not miss an opportunity?

The beauty of a telephone answering service is that it is available during every hour of the working day, even if you’re not around. You’ll enjoy a new sense of freedom when you can attend that lunch meeting or go on annual leave without worrying about missing important client calls or prospective client opportunities.

04 Surely I can just hire a receptionist?

Of course you can! But the recruitment process is tough and time consuming. There’s no guarantee that the person you hire will provide the right level of service you require and they’ll need constant management, which will take up even more of your time.

By contrast, a telephone answering service is provided by an external company who will be accountable for delivering the best quality output for your business. They’ll also never take sick days, lunch breaks or holidays – we promise!

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