What's included in an Officefront Serviced Office?

  • Building Quality
    All offered centres are superbly maintained, interesting decor and great locations.
  • Furniture and Furnishing
    Furniture & decor is in keeping with the type of building. Comfortable & meeting H&S regulations for you & your
  • Contracts/Licences
    Flexible transparent license periods.
  • Reception in all Centres
    Receptionists understand that they are often the first impression a visitor gets of you, our client.
  • Telecoms & IT
    All modern high speed communications equipment and up to date security for your systems.


  • Telephone Service
    Add our superb telephone reception service to enhance the smooth running of your business
  • Access to our Nationwide Network of Offices
    As an Officefront client you have access to our nationwide meeting rooms.
Ask and We Deliver

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Why an Officefront Serviced Office?

All centres are superbly managed and our clients are names not office suite numbers.

Locations, building types, decor and most of all, the quality of the support staff.

We look to build long term relationships but give short term clients as much care and attention as any others.

Client satisfaction is our No.1 priority.

02 What are the Pricing differentials?

Pricing depends on location. As they say in the property world, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Property prices differ substantially from city to city and that has to be reflected in our pricing.

We are REAL & you can find our H.O

Daws House, 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD
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