What's Included

What's included in an Officefront Meeting Room?

  • Office Locations
    The meeting is at the same address as your business
    Holding a meeting at your company's address continues to provide an image of professionalism and stability.
  • Office Audio Visual Equipment
    Audio Visual Equipment
    Our centres have various technology to enhance your meeting.
  • WiFi
    All Officefront centres offer free wifi for emails, browsing.
  • Reception Service
    Your visitors are met by our friendly, trained receptionists and directed to the meeting room.
  • Refreshments & Catering
    Refreshments & Catering
    Teas, coffees or light catering even breakout facilities to make the meeting more comfortable. Catering facilities are available in various formats dependant on the centre size and location and must be booked in advance.
  • Privacy & Security
    Privacy & Security
    As a home based business, holding your meeting in a professional environment also gives your home privacy and security. Why have strangers come to your home?


  • HMRC
    Register with Companies House
    Registering a business at a well recognised & respected address gives your business kudos.
  • Director business privacy
    Director's Service Address
    Privacy for the director's business and home lives.
Ask and we Deliver

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Meeting Room vs Coffee Shop vs Living Room

Meeting your business contacts at “Your” office continues the corporate look.

Meeting in a coffee shop is very modern cool but doesn’t always convey the right impression.

Also, there is the matter of privacy. Do you want everyone to hear your business negotiations??

By the way, our centres ALL have excellent coffee.

02 Can I use the Officefront Network of Centres for my Meetings?

Absolutely, Once you are an Officefront client, you have full use of ALL our meeting room network. Book and attend your meeting and the cost will be on your next monthly bill. Simple and effective.

03 Where are your meeting rooms located?

We have meeting rooms located across the UK and beyond. We offer a mix of modern city centre meeting room locations and more remote countryside spots situated close to motorways and airports for convenience. You can browse our directory of meeting rooms on our website and can use as many meeting rooms across the country as you need.

Our meeting rooms have modern facilities and stylish interiors to ensure your meetings run smoothly and professionally.

04 Are all your meeting rooms the same price?

Our meeting rooms are priced based on their location, size and facilities. We have a comprehensive list of meeting rooms across the country, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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