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Why Use Officefront’s Call Answering Service for Your Law Firm?

  • Experience of the Industry
    At Officefront we have over 20 years experience, working with practices in the legal sector. From corporate law, to conveyancing, to family law practices, we have experience across the breadth of the profession and are proud to have built long lasting and effective partnerships with law firms across the United Kingdom. We understand the growing importance of customer service to the legal profession and recognise that answering the telephone in a personal and professional manner is key to ensuring client satisfaction. As legal professionals work with the law there are few industries with such high standards. Our call answering service will replicate your firm’s persona, projecting the highest standards of professionalism.
  • Save Time & Resources
    When a phone call reaches our call answering team, not only will they take down the basic administrative information of the caller, they will identify them as a potential lead before taking a message or transferring them on to someone else within your organisation. Vetting unsolicited callers to determine whether they're a good fit for your law firm can be laborious and time consuming. Using our call answering service you can boost your firm’s efficiency and productivity by reducing the amount of time your call handlers spend on the phone carrying out basic administrative tasks.
  • Get Messages to the Right People
    We understand that within law firms there are a range of different roles and people, from lawyers, to paralegals, to administrators. With so many people able to receive enquiries or take phone calls it is essential that the correct calls & messages are sent to the right people. Using our call answering service you can rest assured every inbound call to your law firm will be carefully directed to the right person. Our experienced call answering team will filter enquiries based on topic in order to work out who within the firm they need to speak to before passing anything on.

How Do We Support Law Firms?

  • Call Answering Service for Law firms
    As a busy legal team, you’ll know just how challenging it can be managing inbound calls to your business. It can be costly and time consuming, recruiting, training and managing in-house receptionist(s). Inbound calls are often your first opportunity to make a positive impression on prospective clients. Reaching out to a properly trained call answering service can help. Firstly, you’ll be allocated a team of extremely professional receptionists that will field all inbound calls to your business, as if they were on your site. Secondly, you won’t need to manage the HR side of your outsourced team either. Leave that to us! But, you will enjoy all of the benefits of a dedicated telephone answering service tailored specifically towards law firms. Finally, If you’re looking to flexibly scale your practice up or down then our service is the one for you. During busy periods we can adapt to your workload while in quieter periods you can reduce the level of attention your team requires.
  • Switchboard Service for Law Firms
    Larger legal practices will benefit from our switchboard service for law firms. If you have a reception team in place but need additional cover for times when your switchboard is left unattended, this service is ideal for you. Lunch breaks, holidays, sick days, weather, industrial disputes - these are times that might cause your reception team to be away from the switchboard. But inbound calls still need to be answered, with any missed call a potentially missed opportunity. Our switchboard service for law firms provides you with a dedicated team of trained and experienced receptionists who will field all inbound calls for your team. You’ll never miss a call again!
Why Choose Us

We Have 20+ Years Experience Delivering Outstanding Service

01 Why use a Telephone Answering Service when you can answer your own calls?

Making a great first impression of your firm is critical in the competitive world of law. Your clients don’t want to leave a voicemail or speak to an auto-attendant machine. A telephone answering service ensures every single call to your business will be answered by a trained human, regardless of whether you are in a meeting, out at lunch or off work on holiday.

A professionally trained team of receptionists who will respond to all calls and ensure that all are redirected or responded to in the right way. You can even choose to use a telephone answering service as a backup to your existing switchboard so it covers lunch breaks, team days out and annual leave or just when a call is missed. This can be seamless and sitting in the background as a safety net.

All you do is divert your number on no reply or engaged. Simple as that.

02 Can I go to a meeting/lunch/holiday and not miss an opportunity?

A telephone answering service is available during every hour of the working day, even if you’re not around. You you can attend a vital lunch meeting or go on annual leave without worrying about missing important client calls or prospective client opportunities.

03 Couldn't I just hire a receptionist?

You could… but the recruitment process is often tough and time consuming. Also there’s no guarantee that the person you hire will provide the right level of service you require and they’ll need constant management, which will take up even more of your time. Recruitment, HR management, Fixed Overhead.

A telephone answering service is provided by an external firm who will be accountable for delivering the best quality output for your practice. They’ll also never take sick days, lunch breaks or holidays – we promise!

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