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Why Use Officefront’s Call Answering Service for Estate Agents?

  • Make that sale
    A missed call might mean a missed opportunity. Even if you have an in-house receptionist, Call Answering For Estate Agents can benefit you by providing additional support and cover when you need it. No lunch breaks, no holidays - our experienced and professional team ensures that any new leads or enquiries from existing tenants, landlords or property developers are answered within seconds of the phone ringing. The team will then pass on any messages or re-direct the call to the appropriate person to make sure you make that sale, respond to any issues or attend to customers’ needs as quickly as possible.
  • Build your reputation
    As every estate agent knows, your local reputation is everything. Our Call Answering for Estate Agents service will get people talking about your business for all the right reasons. We’re able to work alongside your existing reception team to provide additional cover or we can provide a comprehensive call answering service to ensure your customers receive a professional and consistent service on every call. We have significant experience in offering call answering to estate agents, so understand the typical requirements you may have. But our service will be tailored to your unique business, so we can help you achieve your goals and response targets for responding to inbound enquiries.
  • Timing is everything
    While it’s possible to rely on voicemail for catching any inbound calls you’re unable to answer, by the time you respond it could be too late. Whether the call is regarding a new property on the market or a critical question from an existing tenant or landlord, people, timing is everything. Make sure every call is answered and handled in a timely manner to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. No long list of voicemails to review at the end of the day and no disgruntled clients to deal with after being kept waiting. Just quick, efficient service from a professional and experienced team.

How Do We Support Estate Agents?

  • Call Answering for Estate Agents
    We’ve worked alongside estate agents for many years, so we understand the demands of your business and how to support you in achieving your goals. This means offering great customer service, a professional image and a robust reputation within the local property market. Call Answering for Estate Agents is designed specifically with the market in mind. It’s a unique and bespoke service that gives you access to a team of trained receptionists who are focused on your business and customers. They will apply the tone of voice and messaging that best reflects your estate agency, so every call will be an opportunity to boost your brand and raise your local profile.
  • Switchboard Service for Estate Agents
    Our switchboard service is ideal for larger estate agents who have a reception team in place but need additional cover. In every estate agency, there are times when the phones may be left unattended. This includes lunch breaks, sick days and holidays. This is where our Switchboard Service for Estate Agents can help. We’ll pick up where your incumbent team leaves off, so you can present continuity and consistency for your all important clients. Our team will quickly assimilate to your typical style and answer every call, promptly and professionally. This is really important for busy estate agents who don’t have time to train support staff or arrange additional cover at short notice.
Why Choose Us

We Have 20+ Years Experience Delivering Outstanding Service

01 Why use a Telephone Answering Service when you can answer your own calls?

Making a great first impression of your firm is critical in the competitive world of business. Your clients don’t want to leave a voicemail or speak to an answering machine. A telephone answering service ensures every single call to your business will be answered, regardless of whether you are in a meeting, out at lunch or off work on holiday.

A professionally trained team of receptionists who will respond to all calls and ensure that all are redirected or responded to in the right way. You can even choose to use a telephone answering service as a backup to your existing switchboard so it covers lunch breaks, team days out and annual leave.

Customers or stakeholders will be able to contact your business on a dedicated UK or International landline number, so they’ll know that yours is a real, professional business.

02 Can I go to a meeting/lunch/holiday and not miss an opportunity?

A telephone answering service is available during every hour of the working day, even if you’re not around. You you can attend a vital lunch meeting or go on annual leave without worrying about missing important client calls or prospective client opportunities.

03 Couldn't I just hire a receptionist?

You could… but the recruitment process is often tough and time consuming. Also there’s no guarantee that the person you hire will provide the right level of service you require and they’ll need constant management, which will take up even more of your time.

A telephone answering service is provided by an external firm who will be accountable for delivering the best quality output for your business. They’ll also never take sick days, lunch breaks or holidays – we promise!

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