What's included in a complete Officefront Business Address

  • Business & Mail Address
    Assure your business partners that you are a committed professional business.
  • Meetings Nationwide
    Meeting your clients at "your" business address does give confidence as to whom they are dealing with.
  • Locations in 28 Properties nationwide (most major UK cities)
    The ability to have a presence in several locations through one quality service provider.
  • Companies House, HMRC
    Register at a recognised Virtual Office address. Preferable to a "plaque on the wall" at a accountant or other TCSP.
  • Property Ownership
    We own or have long leases on our properties, No need to change address because the VO has to move. If the provider has to move.......so do you.
  • Post Forwarding
    We forward by post, courier or if time critical, we can scan and email on the same day as received.


  • Personalised Telephone Answering
    Add our professional Telephone Answering Service to really have that corporate infrastructure.
  • Business services
    A network of professional service providers is available to enhance the smooth running of your business. - Book Keeping - Accountants - Lawyers - IT & Telephone Specialists - Executive PAs - Translators - Clerical
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Frequently Asked Questions

01 The difference between an Accommodation Address & Business Address?

The difference is enormous.

Accommodation address is virtually a plaque on an accountant’s or other service provider’s wall.

Business Address means that you are running your business from that address, even though you don’t actually sit there.

02 Why would Companies House or HMRC prefer an Officefront address?

Officially they don’t discriminate between addresses. However, in these days of high alert to frauds, money laundering and terror, certain professional VO providers are looked upon more favourably because they are known to carry out all the legal requirements and therefore their customers are likely to be of an acceptable quality.

03 Why would I benefit from a Business address over my home?

Be a business, not a home worker

Security for you and your family by not advertising your home to the world

You are quite rightly concerned if your children give out their details on the internet, yet are you happy to advertise your home address to all and sundry??

You can go on holiday and not have your post hanging out of your letter box telling the world “Hey, I am away”

Go on holiday and not worry about that important letter or cheque arriving at home. You can instruct your VO to look out for it and bank it for you.

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