On 1 April 2017 we shall celebrate our 17 years in the Serviced Office and Virtual Office industry.

It has been an interesting experience, as we had no intention of becoming a Serviced Office (SO) business nor had we ever heard of a Virtual Office (VO).

Having the ability to see an opportunity at the right time has created a substantial business and a very interesting learning experience “on the hoof”, so to speak. In many cases there were no precedents to count on, especially on the VO side as it was so new. The internet was invaluable and, in those days, FREE. Website design was pretty basic and therefore also cheap.

The whole operation required imagination, understanding peoples’ needs and expectations, the ability to learn evolving technology and ideas how to develop further services.

Our team has played an invaluable part for which we are most grateful, we couldn’t have done it without them.

Today, VO businesses have matured to being a major industry providing services to millions of small and large businesses in all sectors of industry and the professions worldwide.