Made the 1st day of XXXXXX  2021  between the Licensor and the Licensee. This agreement replaces all existing Licence Agreements between the Licensor and the Licensee.

  1. “The Owner/Licensor”, Daws Lane Business Centre, 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD and anyone who becomes entitled to the owner’s interest in the company

“The Client/Licensee”:

“Responsible person or Guarantor”:

  1. IN this licence of 4 pages:
    • “The property” is suite X on the XXXXX floor of the building situate and known as Daws House aforesaid.
    • “The facilities and services” are those listed in the schedule attached
    • ANY obligation to pay money refers to a sum exclusive of value added tax (VAT) and any VAT charged on it is payable in addition
  1. IN exchange for the obligations agreed by the licensee:
  • THE owner agrees that the licensee may use the property, with the benefit of the facilities and services for ONE YEAR LESS A DAY starting 01 XXXXXXX 2021 on the licensee paying £XXXX.00 to be held on deposit against any breach of the Licensee’s undertakings, as security against any wall/partition restoration, damage or excessive wear and tear to the fixtures or fittings therein (refundable 30 days after the end of the license period, minus any outstanding invoices and for services or damage). A 90-day notice must be given & can only be given after 9 months of this license date. Should we not hear from you within 7 days of this licence expiry, we shall deem you to be wishing to extend for a further similar term and including any modifications (terms or prices) that have been notified to you.

The agreed monthly accommodation charge for suite # X is £XXXXXXX + VAT payable quarterly in advance, services are payable monthly in arrears. Plus any additional services requested in SCHEDULE 2 totalling £XXX, all payable within 7 days of invoice. Failure to settle within this period will result in immediate suspension of all services and interest at 5% above Barclays Bank Plc base rate.

  1. THE parties agree:
  • THIS licence is granted to give the licensee the benefit of temporary offices for a limited period in accommodation under the management and control of the owner
  • The licensee may NOT use the address for Registered Office purposes without written permission of the licensor. Utilising the address for this purpose without permission is illegal.
  • THIS licence does not give the licensee exclusive possession of any part of the property. The owner is entitled to enter the property at any time. The owner will give reasonable notice of its intention to enter the property except in the case of an emergency
  • THIS licence is personal to the licensee and it cannot be transferred. The licensee is not entitled to permit anyone, other than those employed by or having business with the licensee, to have access to the property
  • IF through circumstances beyond the control of the owner it becomes impracticable to fulfil the purposes of this license, it is cancelled. The owner has no liability to pay compensation to the licensee for any resulting loss
  • The owner reserves the right to carry out any works to the building or site or equipment as and when required by the owner, including any extension, construction or modification.
  • The owner/licensor takes no responsibility for any breakdown in telecommunications and broadband services whatsoever nor for any virus or unauthorised third party activity or breach of security.
  1. THE licensee agrees with the owner
    • NOT to exceed the suite capacity of X persons/workstations
    • NOT to invite the public generally to come to the property, nor to use it for a purpose which attracts casual callers
    • NOT to bring own furniture or furnishings into the building
    • NOT to attach any heaters, coolers or water dispensers
    • NOT to attach any of his/her own telephones or systems such as WIFI (other than a BT approved fax). Not to attach IP or Internet telephony to the network or broadband facility. Not to utilise the internet connection for anything such as streaming of video/audio and for only emailing, web browsing and file transfer not exceeding 20Mb per session.
    • TO observe any Security, Health & Safety, Ecology or other regulations for the use of the property which the owners &/or the authorities make from time to time.
    • NOT to use the property, or any part of it, for any of the following, nor allow anyone else to do so:

Activities which are dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisome, illegal or immoral, or which are or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the owner or to the owner or occupier of any neighbouring property

  • NOT to act in a way which will or may result in the insurance of the property being void or voidable, or in the premium for it being increased, nor to allow anyone else to do so
  • TO insure that windows and doors are properly closed and in suites with external doors to insure that they are securely locked at all times
  • NOT to damage the property, the decorations, furniture (except by fair wear and tear) ANY items damaged or missing will be charged to the licensee. NOT to drill, mark, stick to or in any way damage the integrated ceilings, walls or doors. All repairs for excess wear and perforations will be charged to the licensee. Nor tamper with any of the systems and equipment provided.
  • NOT to display any notice or advertisement either on the inside or outside of the property or visible from outside it
  • TO pay rental and call charges for telephone line(s) and monthly fees for any additional telephone lines & extensions and call charges, for additional furnishings and services

4.13 WHEN the licence ends, to return the property to the owner, leaving the property in the state in which requires the licensee to keep it.

4.13 NOT to smoke or permit any staff or visitors to smoke on the premises

4.14 NOT to bring or allow others to bring animals of any kind onto the premises (other than guide dogs)

4.15 To indemnify the Owner/Licensor and keep the Owner/Licensor indemnified against all losses claims demands actions proceedings damages costs or expenses or other liabilities arising in any way from this Licence, any breach of any of the Licensee’s undertakings contained in this Clause, or the exercise or purported exercise of any of the rights given in Clause 3.

4.16 To observe such rules and regulations as the Licensor may make and of which the Licensor shall notify the Licensee from time to time relating to the Property.

4.17 To enter into a contract for services with Daws Lane Business Centre for the exclusive supply and rental of all externally connected voice and data lines, call services and associated equipment and standard office furniture.

4.18 In Rooms fitted with air-conditioning to ensure that the air-conditioning unit is utilised according to the instruction manual. To make sure that on leaving the room that the unit is shut down.

4.19 To accept that the property is an old property where noise transfer is common and therefore to keep this in mind and keep voices as low as possible, to keep movement and work as quiet as possible so as not to cause other occupiers to be disturbed.

4.20 Not to conduct phone calls whilst in the corridors, kitchens & bathroom/toilets. Additionally the licensees and their staff are requested to keep voices low whilst in communal areas.

4.21 Not to approach any Daws Lane Business Centre supplier, sub-contractor or staff member with the view to conduct business or employment directly/indirectly without written consent from the partners of Daws Lane Business Centre.

  1. THE owner agrees with the licensee:
  • TO provide the services and facilities as per the FIRST SCHEDULE unless prevented by industrial disputes, shortages of supplies, inclement weather or other causes beyond the control of the owner
  1. The licensee understands and agrees that the telephone DDI numbers issued are the property of Daws Lane Business Centre and are not portable by the licensee upon termination of the licence, nor at any other time. Should the licensee require a non-geographical number, this can be made available upon request under schedule two here below. These numbers may be made portable at a charge and upon acceptance of the client by the telephone number provider.
  1. The licensee is responsible for complying with all current government legislation applicable to the customer’s use and occupation of the designated space. Such legislations may be amended at any time without prior notice.

It is a requirement of the UK authorities that ID checks, (incl. electronic checks) be made on all clients. The names and full details of all owners, directors or beneficial owners must be provided.

By entering into contract with us, you agree to our obtaining and holding ALL information about you/your company in a secure manner and for us to pass this information to our partner centres where you may have requested to have your company registered or wish to have as your or your company’s post forwarded, as per HMRC regulations (which may change at any time).

For resellers, professional services companies resident at Daws House, it is also agreed that should you wish to offer our address(es) to your clients, you may only do so with our written consent and by providing us with full due diligence as required by HMRC.

Unsatisfactory references will lead to the service not being established or being terminated without notice and without explanation. All ID verification payments & deposits will be forfeit.

  1. Please note that you are not covered by DLBC for government legislation relating to Health & Safety, Fire, Electrical Wiring & Equipment in your suite, other than for DLBC supplied services & equipment. Please check with the relevant authorities as to your responsibilities.
  2. Daws House and its staff are not equipped to handle heavy items. Therefore, large packages are not accepted in reception unless agreed with administration in advance. Damage caused by delivery services or heavy goods will be charged to the licensee.




Facilities and services to be enjoyed with the property

  1. Access to and from the property by means of halls, stairs and corridors, all properly maintained, decorated, cleaned, heated and lit. Access 24/7
  2. Heating, air-conditioning (where applicable) lighting, power and daily cleaning of the property
  3. Maintenance, decoration and repairs of the property
  4. Shared cloakrooms, toilets for men & women, with hot and cold water and paper towels provided
  5. Kitchenette facilities to include refrigerator, crockery and cutlery
  6. Furniture, furnishings necessary as described in the SECOND SCHEDULE
  7. The services of a telephonist / receptionist from 9.00 am until 5.30pm Mondays to Fridays (inclusive), public holidays excepted will be charged at 95p per call answered by our receptionists..



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