Terms & Conditions (Meeting Room Hire)


We are OfficeFront and its Partners.

These are our terms and conditions that apply to the use of any meeting rooms and any associated services which we agree to provide to you (“Services”).

Meeting Room Booking

1. Provisional Booking
A provisional booking does not constitute a legal agreement between the parties. After a defined period, provisional bookings are automatically released to free space for confirmed bookings. All days quoted are working days.

2. Confirmed bookings
A confirmed booking constitutes a legal agreement between the parties. A confirmed booking comprises the terms set out in the booking form and these terms and conditions (“your agreement”).
A form setting out your provisional booking will be sent to you by email and, on receipt of your acceptance of the booking details and these terms and conditions, the booking will be deemed confirmed.

Delegate Confirmed numbers

The number of delegates stated at the time the reservation is confirmed will determine:

The room size allocated and
The cancellation charge in the event of cancellation
No reduction will be available should attendees fail to show up for the meeting.

The following cancellation policy applies, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled  Upto 24 Hours 100% of quoted price
Cancelled  24 – 48 Hours 75% of quoted price
Cancelled  48 – 72 Hours (for larger premises) 10% of quoted price

Where a confirmed booking is cancelled you are additionally liable for all charges incurred by us to third parties (e.g. caterers and equipment suppliers)



Fees & Payment Terms

All prices quoted are exclusive of local taxes, therefore local taxes will be charged at the rate ruling at the date of invoicing.
The fee is the total of the meeting room hire and services charges quoted at the time of booking, plus any additional services taken during the meeting room hire (the “Price”).
The Price, plus local taxes, are payable at the time of booking.

For pre-approved credit accounts payment is due as per standard contract. In the event of a breach of these terms, credit facilities will be revoked.
For any non pre-approved credit accounts, a credit card must be provided against which any meeting room hire and services will be charged at the point of booking.


Cessation of Charges
It is the client’s obligation to notify us when they vacate the room(s).
Charges will be incurred until we receive this notification.
Out of hours usage must be pre-approved by the Officefront or Partner Centre Manager.




Your agreement starts at the time and date for which your booking is confirmed and continues for the period stated in your booking form.
We may put an end to your agreement immediately by giving you notice if you breach any of your obligations.
If we put an end to your agreement in this way, it does not put an end to any outstanding obligations you may have.
You must indemnify us against all costs and losses we incur as a result of the termination.


Vacating at meeting end
The meeting room hire period includes all setup and clearing of the room in readiness for the next rental. In cases where it may take a longer time to clear or clean the room, you are required to take this into consideration and make suitable preparations to avoid inconveniencing the next user. We reserve the right to charge for any delays.

Should the room incur heavy cleaning requirements after your meeting, we reserve the right to charge for such work

Use of any Services may be denied if:
You have not paid the quoted price plus local taxes or
You are in breach of your agreement; or
You are in breach of the house rules


All formal notices must be in writing.


The terms of your agreement are confidential.
Neither of us may disclose them without the others consent unless required to do so by an officer of the law or an official authority.
This obligation continues after your agreement ends.




You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in your use of the services at the OfficeFront Partner facility.
The premises may only be used for your declared and accepted business activities.
You must not use them for illegal, obscene, immoral or defamatory purposes.

You must not do anything that may:


Interfere with the use of the OfficeFront Partner facility by you or by members of your meeting
Cause loss or damage to us or to the owner of any interest in the building which contains the Officefront Partner facility
Bring the name of OfficeFront and/or its Partners into disrepute


We have the right to suspend the provision of services for reasons of third party services (e.g elect/gas etc) political unrest, strikes, terror (actual or perceived) or other events beyond our control.


Business name
You must not use the name OfficeFront in any way in connection with your business.




Our liability
We are not liable for any loss resulting from our failure to provide any services unless we do so deliberately or are negligent. We are also not liable for any failure until you have told us about it and given us a reasonable time to put it right.
We will not in any circumstances have any liability for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to date, third party claims or consequential loss whatsoever.


Equipment Liability
The client accepts responsibility for their equipment whilst on the premises. The client will not connect any equipment (either directly or by WiFi) to the Centre’s systems without authority from the Centre’s staff. Any damage caused by you to any of the buildings systems due to unapproved equipment being connected.


OfficeFront & Partner facility Equipment
The Client is liable at all times for the loss or damage to any of our furnishings, décor & equipment.


Applicable law
English law applies.


These Terms may change without prior notice.


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