As 2016 comes to a close, we are reminded by our two apprentices that one of them has already completed 7 months and the other 4 months. How time flies.
It has been a great pleasure to have them join our team. They are pleasant, eager to learn and have a team spirit which has contaminated all of us. They have become firm friends with each other.

Walking into the office in the morning to be confronted with big, happy smiles and chirpy conversation starts the day on a positive note both for us and our visitors. The smiles don’t disappear the whole day long. They are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope that they won’t lose their zeal and will continue to learn and be part of our “family”.
Not forgetting the “seasoned” team, without whom the company could not exist. Their care & loyalty is very much appreciated and we hope that we can all thrive through 2017 and onwards.

My thanks to all of you. You are GREAT.
Season’s Greetings to everyone and a Happy, Healthy New Year to everyone.