Coffee shop -v- Meeting Room – Which is better for your business?

Since WiFi became an affordable service, many coffee shops, restaurants and other public places are offering it as a “give away” to lure customers. Virtually everyone loves a freebie, even if it isn’t that good for us.

It is “cool” to be one of the mobile workers popping into the local Costa to do some work or “come and meet me at Starbucks”. So what do they get:

Coffee Shop vs Meeting Room
Noise, distracts from concentration Quiet, for structured mind & productivity
Back trouble, hunched over laptop Seated at proper desk
No privacy (everyone knows your business Private (no-one overhearing your business)
Not professional (of no fixed abode) Professional business
May be too busy to find a seat Room guaranteed by booking
No office support services (printing, post, etc) Full office support (copying, printing, post etc)
How many coffees do you need to order? FREE Nespresso, biscuits.
Parking, what parking? Free on street & off street parking
Received by a busy server Received by friendly receptionist
What does it say about you and your business Says, I care about my guests & business


We have heard every excuse for using the coffee shop. Whichever one, it isn’t really true.