Business Continuity

Threat of terrorism (real or perceived) is rife – industrial action possible and natural disasters always a probability.

So what happens when you are unable to access your offices ?

We suggest that you protect yourselves with a business telephone continuity service for such occasions. Our telephone answering service provides you with the biggest tick in your contingency plan.

If you and your staff are unable to answer your telephones, we are there seamlessly answering your callers and taking a message whilst advising them that there is an emergency outside your control.

  • Would your customers & suppliers continue doing business with you if their calls were not answered?
  • How will you respond to demand if your telecoms are cut for any length of time?

Business Continuity Planning

With ongoing costs from as low as £0.50 a day, the service is a must have for any London or UK organisation.

Why not provide yourself the assurance that your customers’ calls will always be answered, regardless of circumstances?

A Real Case Story

A firm of accountants in the City with c.100 staff had their communications equipment on the top floor of their offices, just underneath the water tanks at the top of the building. A seal went on one of the tanks and it flooded the communications room, wiping out the telephone system, amongst other IT equipment. If effect, the company was no longer contactable. Fortunately, they had taken a Business Continuity Policy with Officefront. A simple call to the accountant’s line provider requesting all calls to be forwarded to the dedicated number provided by Officefront meant that all inbound calls were being handled on a “business as usual” basis for the next 7 days when the new telephone system was installed.

If the above was not bad enough, the same accountants, a few weeks later, experienced another “disaster”.

The area where their offices are located was cordoned off for 2 days due to a bomb alert.

Fortunately, it was a hoax and fortunately Officefront were able to keep the accountant on “business as usual”

Perhaps you need to ask; “What would have happened to my practice or business during the 9 days of outage experienced by the City accountant?”

We think we know the answer to that question, so please do contact us for that peace of mind.