Business Address

Our business addresses are in various locations in London, UK and now overseas. As we all know, image is extremely important and a quality address can only enhance the appearance of a company.

No more PO boxes or home addresses

People are particularly sceptical about PO (Post Office) addresses. In a virtual world, customers and suppliers want to know that there is a physical address they can visit if necessary. With all the bad news about the elderly & vulnerable being defrauded by people and businesses purporting to be legitimate

Equally, as a home-based business owner, you don’t want to distribute your home address and have your customers, suppliers or anyone uninvited dropping by, just because they are in the area.

A Professional Business Address can bring benefits even to larger companies wishing to portray a presence in an alternative location.

Mail Forwarding

Our Global Business Address services include these features:

  • A proper commercial property address with mail forwarding.
  • Mail forwarded to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (as required by you)
  • Registered office hosting (if required and in line with local laws)
  • Your post can be opened, scanned and emailed to you as soon as we receive it (if it is time critical or for convenience).

Exceptional Quality

We are an experienced and affordable Virtual Office service provider, our reputation is built on providing large and small businesses/professional firms with a Virtual Office service.

Providing tangible, financial and operational benefits. As a result our large and loyal client base utilises our mailing addresses, forwarding service and a wide array of other Virtual Office services including telephone answering.

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