OfficeFront, founded in 1999, has solved the reception headache for hundreds of small and large companies with the OfficeFront outsourced reception and office service.
Almost any professional or company can benefit from a quality assured business service.

OfficeFront have truly led the market in delivery of quality virtual office and telephone answering services and employs excellent management of each and every client’s needs. OfficeFront’s goal is to assist with the growth and stability of their clients through management of their telephone calls and/or post.

OfficeFront believe strongly that your client’s interest in working with you will be decided very early on, in many cases even before you get to speak with them! Your receptionists (if you have any) may do an excellent job, but they are not always available. Comfort breaks, lunch, sickness, medical appointments, holidays and maternity/paternity leave are significant challenges to the most important interface you have with your clients.

Courtesy is assured, OfficeFront’s receptionist team is always available, so calls are answered promptly. Always!

Your telephone calls are answered the way you want them to be. Reception is your first point of contact with new clients and is key to your relationship with existing customers. Is this not of the utmost importance?

OfficeFront outsourced Telephone Answering and Virtual Office services ensure;
• That every call is answered and no potential customer is left waiting for an answer – or worse, call a competitor
• No interruptions – no need for other staff to answer calls that are not for them, keeping them more productive within the business.
• Business Continuity – cover in place if severe weather hits or if your own staff are suddenly not available

In many cases, OfficeFront’s service is available from less than a cup of coffee per day, so why not view our prices whilst having your afternoon coffee to get an idea of how low the investment is.