The Telephone…as important as ever

Office life is very different to how it was a couple of years ago. The various options to our working lives are substantial and we don’t have a one shoe fits all return to work.

Pre 2020, it was a relatively sure bet that the person we were trying to communicate with would be office bound at least 4 days of the week. This is no longer the case.

Staff at all levels may be working full time from home or part time from an office or some will be one and some, the other. A mind twister.

Having an off site switchboard service that is in ONE place, EVERY day, can assure the caller of continuity, irrespective to where the called is at that time.

For you and your colleagues it is also important to know that wherever they may be working from on that day, callers still get through professionally.

I know that you will say “They have my mobile”, however do you want to be called on a mobile when working on something requiring concentration, in a meeting (live or Zoom)

offering child care or elderly care? These are all situations to which we have become accustomed during the last 18 months.

From as little as £35 per month, you can have an off-site switchboard, answering calls in your firm’s name and dealing with the call as you would wish your callers to be served.

Try us, we will offer you a 1 month trial. You have only to gain from it.

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