Why Law Firms Need to Consider Using an experienced Off-Site Call Answering Service

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With an individual’s freedom possibly on the line and sizable sums of money frequently at stake, professionals in the legal sector have to work to time critical standards. Needless to say, this is also an expectation of the law firms that they are part of. In the highly competitive and intensely busy legal sector, where the success of a legal practice rests on its ability to attract new clients and retain existing ones, exuding excellence is key. 

In-keeping with the old adage, “First impressions matter”, how a potential new client is dealt with when they first call a law firm can have a major bearing on whether or not they decide to utilise its services. Equally as important is their experience once they become a client. In the fiercely competitive world of law where the finest standards are an expectation, even one unanswered phone call can prompt an existing client to question if they have put their trust in the right place.

To ensure no opportunity is missed and important relationships are maintained, every call to a legal firm should be answered promptly, politely and professionally by someone who understands the legal sector. This however, is far easier said than done, even if your legal practice has an in-house reception team. As law firms are inundated with calls throughout the day and legal professionals are more often than not out at meetings or in court, it is relatively easy for calls to go unanswered. 

Wondering if there is a solution to avoid this issue? Enlist the help of a Call Answering Service for Law Firms


As the name suggests, such a service ultimately ensures that no call to your legal practice is missed. Even if you have an in-house receptionist it is likely there will be days when they are on holiday, moments when they will need to step away from their desk, or instances where there is a backlog of calls. Not only will a law firm call answering service provide you with the additional support you need to answer every inbound call, it will also help improve the overall efficiency of your practice.


There are a number of key benefits associated with a service experienced in call answering for legal practices:


1. Save time 

With barristers and solicitors etc constantly on the go visiting clients and attending court, law firms are often overstretched. Time is therefore a precious commodity so legal professionals cannot afford to waste time on the phone speaking to individuals that are not serious about using their services. Having an experienced legal call answering service team fielding calls and qualifying leads will solve this problem as any calls that aren’t important will be filtered out.


2. Get messages to the right people

As the legal sector is so fast-paced, for a legal practice to run smoothly it is vital the right people see the right messages at the right time. A call answering service for law firms guarantees this as an experienced receptionist team, that is used to taking calls for the legal sector, will direct each call to the relevant department or recipient.


3. Save money

If you already have a receptionist team in place who field inbound calls you will know just how time consuming and costly hiring a new receptionist can be. In the current climate, where the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt in almost every sector, you may well be skeptical about going through the process of hiring a new member of staff. Utilising a legal call answering service that can be scaled up or down at any time will help you avoid these costs.


Officefront’s Call Answering Service for Law Firms 

At Officefront we offer a comprehensive ‘Call Answering service for Law Firms’ where you get access to a team of receptionists who are well-versed in taking legal enquiries. As they have a solid understanding of the sector, they will apply the tone of voice and messaging that best reflects your legal business so every call boosts your reputation and raises your profile. When a call comes in the team will pass on any messages or re-direct the call to the appropriate person within the practice.

We have been working alongside law firms for many years at Officefront, so we understand the demands of the legal sector and how to support you in achieving your goals. We recognise that for your legal business to be successful every call must be dealt with in a manner that portrays excellence and provides the highest level of care. 


Interested in finding out more about our Call Answering for Law Firms service? Please get in touch. We will create a bespoke and flexible quote that’s tailored precisely to your practice’s needs and budget. Call us on 020 8906 6666 today.


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