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The nights are drawing in, the weather is becoming more wintery by the day, and in a similar fashion to the spring, the COVID-19 pandemic is once again rearing its head. At the time of writing the situation seems to be changing on a daily basis as large swathes of the country are moved higher up the scale in the government’s ‘Three-Tier Lockdown’ system. With millions facing the re-implementation of stringent rules, many businesses are once again having to face up to the realisation that normal business practices will once again be disrupted.

While life was far from normal during the summer months, many of us had started heading back to the office. Chatting about things that happened at the weekend could once again happen in-person rather than over Whatsapp, productive team lunches could resume rather than lunch breaks being taken on the sofa in front of the TV, and most importantly, business meetings could once again be held face-to-face rather than through a video conferencing platform. 

As explained in our previous article, ‘Why meeting rooms are still as important as ever’, face-to-face meetings still play an integral role in the future of business. In light of the recent re-implementation of restrictions you may however be asking, “What now?” if you’re a business owner wanting to continue such vital in-person meetings. If a significant proportion of your workforce are working from home or you don’t have access to a meeting room may be forgiven for thinking that face-to-face meetings won’t be an realistic option again for some time. There is hope however! In this article we will introduce you to our COVID-safe meeting rooms service where you can hold a meeting in a COVID-friendly environment.


Why face-to-face meetings are so important

It’s no secret that virtual meetings have become the ‘new normal’ in 2020. From internal communications, to client calls, to sales briefings, almost every kind of business meeting can now be conducted using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Whilst having access to such tools has ultimately allowed businesses to continue functioning, virtual meetings just aren’t as effective as those held in-person.

When people come together in a room, all working towards a common goal, there is an energy that just can’t be replicated through a screen. When you’re sitting with a person it is far easier to read their body language and demeanor. This in turn allows for more productive conversations as you get a feel for the mood of the meeting and recognise when it is most pertinent to discuss specific topics. Like a physical think tank, meeting rooms allow people to voice their opinions and bounce ideas off one another, an integral part of any business. 

Another key benefit of being in a face-to-face environment is that it encourages creativity. The difficulty of using conferencing platforms is that they don’t tend to work well if more than one person is trying to talk. This can make meetings feel flat as people feel uncomfortable when they cannot easily interject. In contrast in-person creative sessions can really come alive, be more productive and are ultimately more enjoyable.   

Having employees, stakeholders, clients etc physically collaborate together in such a way, often under specific time constraints, also ensures privacy and confidentiality. Using virtual platforms you place a great deal of trust in the people participating in the call (hoping they will be sat somewhere appropriate) and the third-party platform being used to host the meeting. When you take part in a physical meeting you know the conversations you’re having can only be heard by people in that space. This ensures participants are relaxed and important business issues can be discussed properly.   


How can our Meeting Room Service help?

There may be a number of reasons why you as a business owner can no longer host physical meetings. Like many others running a business in the current climate, you may have got rid of your office space or meeting room facility to save on costs. You could even be someone who had meetings in public places but now can no longer do so due to the re-introduction of COVID restrictions. Whatever your situation, if you’re a business owner with an appreciation for the importance of in-person meetings you may be wondering if it is possible to continue conducting face-to-face meetings in an COVID-safe environment? The answer… YES you can! With Officefront’s ‘Meeting Rooms Service’ we can help you do just that.

At Officefront our range of private meeting rooms, all available for hire, are dotted around the country. Fully air-conditioned, equipped with WiFi and offering audio visual equipment should you require it, our meeting rooms ensure that you can have a fruitful business meeting in a comfortable environment. Having your own private room and access to toilets with few users that are regularly sanitised, also means you can rest assured knowing your meeting room is in a COVID-safe space. If you want to host a face-to-face meeting during these testing times our ‘Meeting Rooms Service’ really is a logical option that ticks all of the boxes!


If you’re interested in making use of our COVD-safe meeting rooms for your business don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing sales@officefront.co.uk or calling 020 7127 0660


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