How We Can Help Your Business ‘Go Virtual’

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered how we all live and work in the UK. In March, almost overnight, businesses were forced to shut their offices and switch to running operations from home to help curb the virus. Whilst the enforced period of home-working over the last few months has certainly been challenging, business owners have been pleasantly surprised by just how seamless working from home has been for their organisations. Virtual communication technologies have allowed many companies to continue to function effectively and provide the same level of service.

The success of home-working has led many firms to contemplate getting rid of their office space altogether and go completely ‘virtual’ with all employees permanently working from home. Many businesses up and down the country, both large and small, have concluded that their output may not be impacted and thus have concluded a physical office to be an unnecessary burden. Even social media giants Twitter, in May, announced that employees could work from home permanently should they wish to.

Business go virtual

If, like some others, you’ve decided your business no longer requires a physical office space and you want all your staff to work remotely, you may be wondering how this can be implemented without damaging the reputation of your business. It has been well-documented that virtual services such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are effective in ensuring communication between employees carries on unimpaired, but what about the logistical aspects of running a business? Without a physical office location where do you get your mail sent to? Who will deal with inbound calls? Where will you host meetings? All are factors integral to the image and day to day running of your business. Whilst you could be ‘going virtual’, your competitors may not, so it is vital your business maintains the same professional image as when you owned a physical office space. Wondering how this can be achieved?

The answer… Utilising services of a ‘virtual office’.

A ‘virtual office’ is a service that provides a range of business functions which ensure a remote working organisation maintains the image of having a physical office in a particular location. At Officefront we offer a comprehensive virtual office service.


The key features of our virtual office service:

  • A business address (or multiple addresses if required) where you can register your company or direct your mail to.
  • Telephone switchboard and reception service should you want your business’s phone calls to be taken care of.
  • Access to one of our many smart meeting rooms, located around the country, if you need to host a meeting at YOUR office address.
  • A range of clerical services such as dictating letters, the scanning of documents and emails, small orders and diary management.
  • The flexibility of scaling up or down your virtual office depending on your ongoing requirements.


Our virtual office services will ultimately allow your business to continue to enjoy many of the perks associated with physical office, even if you no longer own one. Not only will this help you maintain a professional business image, it will allow you to keep work and social life separate as you won’t have to worry about uninvited visitors, business letters clogging up your home letterbox or countless work-related calls on your home or mobile phone.

If there was ever a time to ‘go virtual’ and get rid of your business’s costly office, it is now. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown many business owners that their organisation can still function effectively even without a physical office space. If you’re contemplating a similar move for your company, you can rest assured our virtual office service will ensure your business still has the appearance of an organisation that has a physical office space. It cannot be understated how valuable maintaining this image will be for your business’s reputation should you go completely virtual!


At Officefront we offer a comprehensive Virtual Office service package with prices starting at £25 per month. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business go virtual.


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