The Pros & Cons of Running a Business From Home

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Since 2005 the number of people working from home has increased by approximately 140%. Major advancements in technology such as secure VPN connections, video conferencing, open source project-tracking tools and high speed Wi-Fi have made it easier, safer and more efficient than ever for people to run a business from the comfort of their own home. Whilst running a business in this way certainly has its benefits, it does however present numerous challenges that can have an impact on a business’s image. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of running a business from home and explain how you can utilise the services of a ‘Virtual Office’ to avoid the challenges associated with it.


The benefits of running a business from home?


One of the most desirable aspects of running a business from home is the flexibility it provides. In fact, 40% of people feel the greatest benefit of home-working is the flexible schedule it allows. Being able to set your work hours around family and other commitments brings huge benefits and even increases self satisfaction. This is emphasised by the fact large companies who offer flexible working to employees actually see a lower turnover of staff and increased productivity as a result.

Many people choose to run their business from home rather than co-working spaces or offices as it means they avoid unnecessary costs,  stressful lengthy commutes and many of the distractions associated with working in a busy environment. Waking up and having a relaxing breakfast before sitting down in your study is a far cry from being stuck in traffic on your local ‘A’ road, or squeezing into a hot, sweaty carriage on the underground. Starting the day relaxed and in the right frame of mind makes it easier to deal with issues that may occur throughout the working day. Co-working spaces and offices can also often be intense, stressful environments, full of distractions that can hinder productivity and have a negative impact on mental health. Being based at home, where you can step away from your desk when it suits you, allows you to focus purely on your work whilst maintaining a clear head.


What are the challenges of running a business from home and how can you avoid them?

Running a business from home can make it difficult to separate your work life from your social life and at times it can have a negative impact on the professional image of your business.

Picture this: you’ve just taken onboard a major client and they ask for your business address. As you’re based at home you have no other option than to give them the address of your home, perhaps in a rural environment.

Unfortunately, this just doesn’t sound professional and won’t paint your business in a positive light. A similar situation may also occur when trying to organise meetings. Not only would inviting stakeholders to your house or the local cafe reflect badly on your business leading to questions about its professionalism. It may even lead some to question its financial standing.

A sure-fire way to avoid the challenges associated with running a business from home is through the use of a ‘Virtual Office’. Not only will you get a business address (or multiple addresses if required) that you can direct your mail to, all your business’s phone calls can also  be taken care of should you wish. With our virtual office services you can even use one of our many smart meeting rooms, dotted around the country, to hold meetings at YOUR office address. You also have the flexibility of scaling up to a Flexible Office depending on your ongoing requirements.

Virtual Offices are now the the go-to for those running a business from home. It cannot be understated how valuable having an image of this kind would be to your business. Utilising the services of a Virtual Office will also allow you to enjoy the perks of working from home whilst keeping your work and social life separate. Using the services of a Virtual Office you won’t have to worry about uninvited visitors, business letters clogging up your home letterbox or countless work-related calls on your phone!


At Officefront we offer a comprehensive Virtual Office service package. With prices starting at £25 per month we will help you transform your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you bring flexibility to your workplace.

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