UK Dialling Codes – A Brief Summary

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UK dialling codes are managed by the communications regulator, Ofcom. They represent the number prefix that must be dialled before the remainder of a telephone number. They identify the town or system a call goes to, be it landline, mobile, national, premium etc. For instance, a call to London must include the prefix ‘020’ before the rest of the number. A call to a mobile will begin with ‘07’. Callers from outside the UK need to replace the ‘0’ at the beginning of the dialling code with ‘+44’. 

Alongside the charges set by your phone provider and the device you are using, the cost of a call to a phone number depends on the digits that number starts with. For example, a call to a ‘118’ directory number from a landline could cost, per minute, up to £5, plus your phone company’s access charge, plus an additional charge. The government has produced a ‘Call Charges and Phone Numbers’ guide which can be viewed here.

Most telephone numbers in the UK have 10 digits after the ‘0’ trunk prefix, however, there are some 41 geographic areas (e.g. 01204, 01276, etc) that have only 9 digits after the ‘0’ trunk prefix. Let’s explore a few UK dialling codes and find out more about the areas they represent!


01983 – Isle of Wight

For a small island off the south coast of England, the UK dialling code for the Isle of Wight is a bit of a mouthful! 

Renowned for its sandy beaches, annual boating events and rich history, the Isle of Wight remains a popular choice for holidaymakers, history hunters and sailing enthusiasts. The best way to visit this beautiful island is to hop on a ferry from the nearby port town of Portsmouth. The ferry takes about 45 minutes and lands in Fishbourne. 


0131 – Edinburgh

In the far north, with the UK dialling code 0131 is the beautiful town of Edinburgh. Famed for its annual comedy and arts show, which takes place in August, there’s much to explore in the Scottish capital. A visit to Edinburgh must include a trip to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

According to the ‘Introducing Edinburgh’ website, “The earliest human sites recorded in the Edinburgh area date back to 8500 BC and the first signs of habitation on the Castle Rock, Arthur’s Seat and its surroundings date to 900 BC approximately.” 


029 – Cardiff

The university city of Cardiff is also the capital of Wales, with the UK dialling code 029. From rugby to the royal mint, Cardiff is bursting with activities and sights for the whole family. You can even take a trip to the mines with a Welsh Mining Experience.

Cardiff has enjoyed significant regeneration over the years and now boasts a plethora of trendy bars, restaurants, shops and pubs. Cardiff University is highly regarded for research excellence, social events and a diverse and inclusive culture.


01908 – Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes was born in 1967 as a government initiative to provide affordable housing within a commutable distance of London’s central business district. The UK dialling code is 01908, which sits beside the number for Nottinghamshire market town of Worksop, whose UK dialling code is 01909.

The town has a modernist design, with a grid based layout of offices, housing and wide boulevard streets. Milton Keyes is a ‘Marmite’ town – dividing opinions on its design, political ties and alleged ‘soulless’ atmosphere. But for many residents, the city provides a wonderful opportunity to join the property ladder, commute in and out of London with ease and have access to a wide range of attractions. Whatever your opinion on Milton Keynes, one thing is not up for debate: its fixed UK dialling code of 01908! 


0113 – Leeds

With a rich industrial history and thriving, modern culture, Leeds is an increasingly popular tourist destination for UK and International travelers. The city is set around the River Aire and is famed for its performance culture, in the theatre and on the football field. 

A simple UK dialling code of 0113 is easy to remember. Leeds is equally easy to reach by rail, road or air. Leeds Bradford airport offers multiple flights to UK and European destinations throughout the year.


At Officefront, we know that the telephone remains a popular communication tool for most businesses. It provides a vital direct link to customers and sales opportunities. Many companies publish a business number across all of their marketing materials and even on their stationery. Some however, don’t have the capacity to manage every inbound call. This can lead to questions about a company’s competence and ultimately cost the business money. 


This is where Officefront can help. Our telephone answering service is on hand to ensure every inbound call to your business is answered. We pick up the calls that would have otherwise been missed. With this service you also have the option to take multiple telephone numbers should you wish, each with a local dialling code of your choice.


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