Industries That Could Benefit From Flexible Call Answering

Flexible call answering is really well suited to busy ‘on-the-go’ types of businesses that don’t adhere to the typical 9-5 office structure. In large, traditional office-based environments, a permanent receptionist will be employed to manage the switchboard, take messages and direct calls to the appropriate contact. But not all businesses are based in an office or have the budget to hire a receptionist!

Here we will take a look at some of the industries that could benefit from flexible call answering and how the service works.



The healthcare industry is changing rapidly. There is more competition than ever in the private healthcare space and patients expect to be able to contact their healthcare provider whenever they need to. They may need urgent advice or reassurance, or help with proactive healthcare services like travel vaccinations or family planning. Many NHS practices are downsizing and there may not be budget for a full time receptionist in-house. Whilst small private healthcare companies may not have time to manage a receptionist. This is where flexible call answering can help.

Flexible call answering outsources your switchboard to an external company who will answer all calls on your behalf. You’ll usually be allocated a team of 3 to 4 receptionists who will take responsibility for answering and redirecting all inbound calls to your organisation. Best of all, your customers (or patients) will never experience an unanswered call during lunch breaks or holiday periods. Flexible call answering services can be offered 24/7, so your customers will never be left waiting.


Law firms/solicitors

What do all law firms and solicitors have in common? You’re always busy! When clients call you, they’ll expect their call to be answered right away. But sometimes it can be really challenging managing the mountain of existing work on your desk and manage your switchboard. It’s expensive to hire a full time receptionist but your team are too stretched to man the phones. What do you do?

Flexible call answering is the solution. From as little as £10 per month you can gain peace of mind that all inbound calls will be answered and redirected, promptly and professionally. An efficient call answering service can do wonders for your company image and is guaranteed to help you create a positive first impression of your business. With so much competition between law firms and solicitors these days, first impressions really do matter!


Building Companies

Building companies are more in demand than ever. Thanks to review websites like Checkatrade and TrustaTrader it’s easy for customers to find a building service they can rely on. But with all this demand and competition, it can be difficult to field inbound calls while you’re out and about completing existing projects. 

The most successful building companies and tradespeople are those that manage to find a balance between completing existing jobs to a high standard, and answering inbound calls throughout the day. Flexible call answering can help with this. By outsourcing your inbound calls to a trained team, you’ll be able to focus on completing existing projects to the highest standard, while your flexible call answering team will be able to answer any inbound calls on your behalf.


At Officefront we have over 18 years’ experience in the serviced office and virtual office industry. We believe that creating a positive first impression of your business begins with answering every phone call promptly and professionally. 

If you’d like to find out more about call answering and how it can benefit your business, call us on 020 7127 0660! Flexible call answering is ideal for any industry but is particularly beneficial for healthcare, law firms and building companies.

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