Meeting Room Directory – Our Guide to Available Meeting Rooms

If you’re looking for available meeting rooms in the UK, we’ve got you covered! In addition to providing virtual offices and business address services to companies of all shapes and sizes, Officefront also offers 27 well-equipped meeting rooms across the UK, Ireland and the USA.

You can search our meeting room directory on our website to get a full overview of all the meeting rooms and locations that we have available.

If you sign up for an Officefront Business Address, you’ll be able to make use of our available meeting rooms for any client catch ups, staff training sessions or sales meetings across the country. Simply search for an available meeting room in our meeting room directory and book a slot at your chosen location, on a specific date. We’ll do the rest!


What to expect from an Officefront meeting room

Our trained reception team will be on hand to welcome your guests and show them to your chosen meeting room. All Officefront meeting rooms come equipped with free, ultra fast  Wireless Internet as standard.

We understand that making a good first impression of your business is vitally important and can contribute to the success of your meeting. So, we’ll ensure your meeting attendees are treated with the highest level of respect and professionalism by our experienced team.

If you require teas, coffees or even catering services for your meeting, this can all be arranged for you if booked in advance. Simply let us know the size of your meeting party and what you require and we can arrange the rest. Any catering costs will simply be added to your bill.

Our meeting rooms are also equipped with modern technology you may need to support any presentations or displays, including high quality audio visual equipment. If you have any specific AV needs, do get in touch prior to your meeting and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.


Safety and security

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an Officefront meeting room is your security. If you’re a home based business, you may have concerns about hosting meetings at your home address.

Once you’ve signed up to a Business Address Service from Officefront, you can further protect your home and family by making use of our available meeting rooms. Choosing one of our available meeting rooms will give you peace of mind that your meeting will take place in a safe and professional office environment.


 Meeting room versus coffee shop

If you usually conduct your business meetings from within a local coffee shop, you may be reluctant to spend money on hiring an available meeting room. Coffee shops certainly have their perks (sorry!) but the biggest issue with conducting your meetings from well known coffee shop chains is a lack of privacy.

If you’re meeting clients to discuss potential projects, key accounts or future plans, you might not wish to share this information with members of the public too! A private meeting room will allow you to share ideas and plans freely, without the risk of anyone eavesdropping on your conversation.

Space can also be an issue when hosting a meeting at a coffee shop. Sitting round a cramped table amidst the noise of coffee grinders, milk frothers and fellow patrons can be uncomfortable and distracting, let alone unprofessional. A quiet, spacious meeting room will allow you to think and speak freely. And you can still enjoy a coffee while you work!


Finding available meeting rooms is easy with our Meeting Room Directory. To find out more about our Business Address Service and available meeting rooms, call 020 7127 0660 or send us an email at


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