Affordable Virtual Receptionist – The cost effective way to hire a receptionist

You’re desperate to find someone to manage your company’s switchboard. But, how do you decide whether to recruit someone in-house or seek out an affordable virtual receptionist?

There are pros and cons to both approaches but one thing remains consistent. However you recruit them, your receptionist is often the first person a potential client will speak to when they contact your company. They MUST make a good impression.

An affordable virtual receptionist is easier to find than you might think. Many companies provide an end-to-end virtual office service, with access to your own reception team, a dedicated business landline number and even a registered virtual office address for all your mail and correspondence to be sent.


How do I find an affordable virtual receptionist?

The best place to begin is by thinking about what you need your receptionist to do. In a busy small business like a law firm or estate agency, a receptionist will need to be able to field any type of inbound calls. From existing customers seeking help and advice to potential clients enquiring about your services, every individual matters to your business. And all deserve an outstanding level of customer service from the person they speak to when they contact your company.

When searching for a receptionist online, use search terms such as “affordable virtual receptionist” or “experienced in-house receptionist” to narrow down your results.

Think about when your audience may need to contact you – this may extend beyond your 9-5 office hours, especially if you have existing clients who need an immediate response to any queries. 


What does a virtual receptionist do?

The beauty of a virtual receptionist is that you won’t need to recruit, train and manage them yourself. By outsourcing your switchboard to an experienced and affordable virtual receptionist, you’ll be able to get on with other important matters, safe in the knowledge that any client calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.

A virtual receptionist will answer the phone in your business name. They will be available within the hours that you specify, so you’ll never experience any downtime during lunch breaks or holiday periods – a virtual receptionist will never leave your business phone unattended!

They will create a good first impression of your business, assess the nature of each call and then re-direct or respond to the call in the appropriate manner.


How much does an affordable virtual receptionist cost?

It depends on the company you choose, but many providers will offer bespoke pricing structures to suit your individual needs.

Some companies charge as little as £10 per month plus a fixed rate per call for an affordable virtual receptionist. This can work out extremely cost efficient when compared to recruiting a permanent in-house member of staff. The best way to work out how much your virtual receptionist will cost is to request bespoke quotes from a few companies and then compare their costs and services to find the best option for you.

Be wary of companies who are inexperienced or appear to charge very little for their services. An affordable virtual receptionist should include all costs upfront so you can calculate exactly how much your new receptionist is going to cost to your business.

At Office Front we have over 18 years’ experience in the virtual office business. We can provide an affordable virtual receptionist to suit your needs and industry. You’ll benefit from professional, highly trained and experienced reception staff who will create an excellent first impression of your business on every call! 


Request a bespoke quote or call 020 7127 0660 to find an affordable virtual receptionist.


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