Fraud Xmas Blog


Fraud by Internet, cyber, telephone, mail and in person is now reaching spectacular levels.

Recently we have people purporting themselves to be from Dropbox, HMRC, Pensions Regulator, Microsoft etc have been in touch.

One of my staff asked, what can we do about this? My answer is nothing, individually.

However we can be vigilant

  1. Take a few minutes to ask ourselves could this be real
  2. Have they got my details right (eg HMRC calling about your personal tax and not having your personal address)
  3. Do I/We deal with these people
  4. If by email, click on the reply button on your email and see what address it will go to, often it will be something silly like Hotmail. Imagine HMRC using Hotmail ?
  5. Don’t give information out, if they know you, then they know your info and don’t need for you to give it (even if they say it is FOR YOUR security). Any legitimate/official organisation will allow you to call them back BUT NOT on the number THEY give you. Get a reference number and then look up the department on the organisation’s official website.
  6. NO financial matter is life and death urgent STOP, THINK, THINK MORE & YOU make contact via numbers YOU obtain.

Stay safe, spend your money on yourself and loved ones and NOT on the thieves. They should have a FROST winter.

What to know more, read our next blog:

Phishing – Vishing

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