Cheap Virtual Office

cheap virtual office


You want a Business Address for your brand-new shiny company – one that reflects your professionalism…that you can show off to the world that you are serious about going into business!

After all, you want to entice new & existing customers as well as impress your suppliers!

But in the same breath you say that you want it very cheap! Why?

If you want to impress your partner, would you take him/her to any old café down the road?  Or to a pucker restaurant in nice surroundings!  You tell me! I think I know the answer! ?

Firstly, you want to create a good ‘first impression’ and secondly, you want to keep the authorities, e.g. HMRC, happy!

Make sure you go for a Virtual Office provider which complies with local and national regulations, e.g. MLR, GDPR & local e.g. LLA – and especially one which HMRC recognises as a bona fide business address.

Let me tell you the pitfalls of going for what may seem to you as the cheapest business address…

The PO Box is a thing of the past!  It can look dodgy, as though you are hiding from the world and your clients.  Suppliers will want to see the building you have on your website and to be able to ‘Google Map’ it!

And where would you go to meet your clients?  It’s a big advantage to know there is a meeting room at your business address, where you would be comfortable taking your clients & suppliers!  That’s right…impress them too!

So, beware of the very cheap providers – if they look too good to be true, they probably are!

Just imagine if you get your business cards, website etc set up with your new fantastically cheap Virtual Office address and then the provider goes bust!

Some providers may be leasing a building on prime real estate.  The landlord may sell the building or develop it into apartments!  Imagine the inconvenience & expense of having to change everything you have set up!  Nightmare!

Or, you may be fooled into signing to an ‘accommodation’ address – a scam cheap virtual office provider, who has no interest in you or your business except for taking your money and running!  Your mail would not be treated properly and could go missing!

Check out all the ‘extra’ or hidden charges e.g. for set up fees, postage, clerical services – don’t let yourself get ripped off in the long run!

Think about it all and look at the long term for your business not just the short-term gain!

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