Multi-jobs Mumma goes Virtual!!

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Multi jobs Mumma, that’s what they call me these days!  Why does life get busier as one gets older!  Slow down they say, but I can’t!  I like to be financially independent, to keep my mind occupied – day-time telly, no thank you!  I bet you know the feeling!

Kids, dogs, old house, garden and the joys of country living… don’t get me wrong, I love it!  But equally, I love putting on a spot of bright lippy and feeling like a professional woman!

So, I have a few interests and fingers in a couple of proverbial pies, as they say, as well as the old favourite Chicken & Leek!

But, how to maintain my professionalism with flexibility to be able to multitask?

My boss was good enough to ask if, when we moved from London, I would like to continue working for him, but remotely and part-time.  This was great – I was now a contractor, which suited me down to the ground!

But, here was the quandary!!

How could I appear to my clients as still being ‘in the office’?

After all, I can tell my kids to be quiet when I’m on the phone, but try telling that to my two excitable Cocker Spaniel pups (especially when the doorbell rings, or even worse, when the window cleaner turns up at the window!)

And another thing, would the clients ever guess that I was not working in the office? That was a worry!

Enter stage Zuz, Sam & Karen, my trusty OfficeFront Virtual Office receptionists! They know the hours I am ‘in the office’ and can hold the call for a few seconds while I shut the dogs up or answer the door!

My worries were completely unfounded, what’s more, I have the flexibility with my work and home-life!  I just let the office know when I am in or going out! Perfect!

Just thinking about setting up a virtual business address too for my website so that I am a totally virtual Mumma!  The antidote to cold callers (keep my house & kids private!).

So, if you are thinking of setting up your own business from home, the Virtual Office is your answer –telephone answering & business address if you need it!  It’s brilliant and really works!

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