Working Mum

working mum with pram

The toughest job of all is being a working mum.

Many mums like to do some work even if their main occupation is looking after the children.

Child rearing is probably one of the most difficult jobs possible. Not 9-5 and off for the weekends. It is relentless 247 365.

For mums running their own businesses from home there is a potential risk to their family’s security. Publishing their home addresses for anyone to be able to pitch up at their doorstep.

The risk is, undesirables knocking on the door, jeopardising the safety of the mum and her children. This is getting increasingly serious as crime, such as bogus delivery people rises.

Why risk your safety and that of your family? For a small amount per month you can have a business address which will help keep your home/business lives separate and safe.

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You can even add a telephone answering service. To have a more corporate look & feel while still remaining safe & snug in your own home.

The cost? Far less than a cup of high street coffee per day.

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