We are a group of high quality centres located in the UKEurope and the United States (soon expanding further afield)  offering our clients a very high quality experience for our Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms.

Our centres are in prime locations, the properties are of the highest calibre both in architecture, décor and staff.

Each centre is managed by personnel trained in the art of client satisfaction and committed to the ethos of maintaining a brand that exudes quality. Our clients have names, not account numbers.

We offer you, our client, a front end which will demonstrate to your business partners that you are not just another company but a company that cares about their professionalism, right down to where they have chosen to work.

Come and join us, we promise you that the experience is worth it.

Virtual Office Services

Having taken the first steps to create your business or professional practice, it is imperative from Day One that it looks established and well run.

A Virtual Office provides you with a prestigious business address and a telephone answered in your company name by a polite, well trained receptionist. Both of these facilities immediately enhance the way your clients and suppliers relate to you and your company. At the same time you are free to develop your business, not having to rely on your mobile phone nor cold callers turning up at your home.

How a Virtual Office can benefit you

With a Premium Virtual Office, you receive a wide array of services, including Telephone Answering in your company name with call patching and/or messaging, Business Address and Mail Forwarding with optional Registered Office hosting and Meeting Room Hire.

The Virtual Office Concept has grown over decades to blend the gap between home and work, whilst retaining the benefits of both. A Virtual Office permits maintaining low costs of operating a business whilst retaining the image of an established organisation. Just imagine, for a nominal monthly cost, your own office… Virtually.

Virtual Offices are being used around the world in virtually every profession or industry. Can you afford to miss calls from prospective and existing clients?

Don’t hesitate… cut your costs and transform the image and efficiency of your business today.